'Dragon Ball Super' Drops New Details About Universe 4's Secret Threat

As the Tournament of Power enters its in final stages in Dragon Ball Super, the trickiest of the universes is about to enact a plan that Universe 7's going to have a lot more trouble with than they think.

Teased in the preview for episode 119, the fighters of Universe 7 are about to get attacked by Universe 4's invisible fighter who has managed to stay hidden up until now. But how exactly are they getting the drop on the Universe 7 fighters? According to new details spotted in the synopsis for the upcoming episode, this enemy can't be detected by normal means.

The synopsis reads as follows:

"On the arena, the battle between Universe 7's Vegeta and the Universe 3 warrior Katopesla has nearly reached its conclusion. But before that can happen, Katopesla seems to be caught off-guard and tripped up, falling from the arena. What's more, Vegeta and Gohan are attacked by something they can't see, and nearly fall from the arena too. This something, which can be neither seen nor have its ki sensed, also surprise-attacks No. 18. It turns out to be Universe 4's invisible person Gamisaras, but No. 18 is not sure how to fight this invisible enemy."

Not only do we have a name for Universe 4 invisible assassin, Gamisaras, but there is a note that their Ki cannot be sensed. Fans wondered how Vegeta, Gohan, and Piccolo were having trouble with an opponent they can't see as they've used Ki sense in the past, but this new detail combined with their drained stamina makes for a bad combination.

As the end of the Tournament of Power draws closer, fans' eyes will definitely be glued to the screen to see how it all shakes out.


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