‘Dragon Ball Super’ Fans Are Sobbing Over A Hidden Tribute In Episode 118

For those of you caught up with Dragon Ball Super, you know its latest episode ended on a teary note. Universe 2 and Universe 6 were annihilated by the Omni-Kings after being eliminated from the Tournament of Power, but fans missed one small detail from their final farewells.

So, if you look closely at Vados, then you can join the rest of the fandom as they bid goodbye to Champa.

Dragon Ball Super’s 118th episode saw Champa and his team from Universe 6 get wiped from existence all because of the Omni-Kings. The touching farewell already has fans feeling emotional as Cabba gave a final goodbye to Vegeta, but Vados just made things worse.

“Oh, how can it be! All jokes and jabs aside, for this to be the real goodbye to Champa...,” the angel cried before Champa was killed. The surely God of Destruction gave Vados grief for abandoning him already to sit with Whis, but the lady showed her true feelings for Champa just as the character was erased.

After Champa had his last moment with Beerus, the god was wiped by the Omni-Kings. If you look carefully at the scene, you can see Vados standing up in the background when she was sitting with Whis beforehand. The moment shows Vados bowing to Champa as he’s erased, and the angel comes back up after the god is gone.


For fans, the easy-to-miss moment shows how Vados really did feel about his student. When the other universes were erased, their angels did little to mourn their Gods of Destruction. Those like Mojito even seemed pleased to lose their students, but Vados is different. Sure, the girl loved to give Champa grief, but Vados’ respectful bow proves she holds the God of Destruction in high regard.

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