New 'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers Seem to Tease a Major Universe 7 Elimination

Vegeta fans will never give up when it comes to the Saiyan. So far, Dragon Ball Super has made it clear that Goku is its main focus, but plenty are holding out for a Vegeta comeback. The anime's next episode seems to be heading in that direction, but the hype won't last for long.

After all, a new set of Dragon Ball Super spoilers did confirm Vegeta is about to be in a world of hurt.

Over in Japan, new titles and synopses for the anime went live in Animedia, and fans are a bit nervous about them. Episode 122 is poised to see Vegeta go off against Jiren, but Dragon Ball Super will not let the Saiyan walk away victorious. Instead, it looks like Vegeta is about to get his power levels handed to him.

The new synopsis for episode 123 confirms Vegeta's full power will have no effect on Jiren. "Vegeta puts forth his full power to battle Universe 11's Jiren, but utterly fails to defeat him," Animedia reveals. "Instead, Vegeta is seriously injured and in dire straits."

The synopsis has some fans real worried that Vegeta may be the next Universe 7 fighter to go, but the summary of episode 124 eased those fears. The second synopsis reveals Goku and Vegeta will team up against Jiren, but even their combined power will flounder in the face of Jiren's rising strength.


So, you may want to say a prayer or three for Vegeta. The Saiyan will get a brief peak before Jiren knocks him down a few pegs, and Vegeta may not get back up from the wreckage. At the rate Jiren is going, Universe 7 is going to need more than just Ultra Instinct to quell the threat Universe 11 poses, and there is no telling whether Vegeta can help make that happen.

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