Dragon Ball Super May Have Just Made Senzu Beans Obsolete

Dragon Ball Super's Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc has been one that fans want to see come to the anime someday not only because it's picking up the story from where Dragon Ball Super: Broly left off, but it's opening up the lore of the series in some pretty fun ways. One of the core ideas that could potentially shake things up far beyond this arc has been Spirit Control. As Vegeta begins his training on Yardrat, it was revealed that Goku's Instant Transmission was merely one technique that utilized this greater fighting ability.

But as Vegeta continues to learn more about the use of Spirit Control from the people of Yardrat, it's becoming increasingly clear that the full mastery of this control will change things quite significantly in how Vegeta fights. In Chapter 55 specifically, it's teased that if Vegeta learns how to use a new healing technique it could eliminate the need for Senzu Beans in the future of the series.

Chapter 55 reveals that at this point in training, Vegeta's spirit is more "polished" than Goku's, so now he's going to start learning new abilities. He's instantly healed by the Elder Pybara (notably including his clothes), and this is one of the techniques Vegeta could potentially learn in the future. Pybara reveals that mastering this healing ability is far ahead of where Vegeta's skill is currently, but this could be game-changing.

The Senzu Bean has become an essential part of the Dragon Ball franchise as these beans have brought Goku and company back from the brink multiple times in their fight. But they have also become a major crutch in which Goku and the others can find themselves helpless when they lack more beans. But if Vegeta learns this healing ability, there's no longer a need for the Senzu Beans.


Healing someone doesn't seem to take a lot out of Pybara, but that could also be the wrench in things. If it costs Vegeta more stamina just to heal someone, it'd be good to have some beans around. But this also opens up the fights to far more circumstances which healing would come in handy. Just imagine if Vegeta could have done this during the Tournament of Power?

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