Dragon Ball Z Fan Charms in Bunny Bulma Cosplay

Dragon Ball Z are hardly in short supply for cosplay. There are tons of fans showing up for the franchise at every anime convention, but there are those who go the extra mile with their looks. That is why the user Vixencecos has found themselves earning all of the praise this week; Their sultry take on Bulma's infamous bunny outfit has struck a nerve with fans for the best, it seems.

Over on Reddit, the fan posted their take on Bulma, and it did not take long for the praise to pour in. Dragon Ball Z fans admit they are stunned not only by the cosplay's details but the photograph itself given its quality.

As you can see below, the cosplay honors the Capsule Corps heiress in the best way. The cosplay brings Bunny Bulma a bit of sophisticated sexiness that plenty of shonen series lack. The piece may have a buxom corset, but the photography downplays the sex appeal for something more artist instead.

Check out my Bulma Bunny cosplay! I hope you like! from r/dbz

Of course, the cosplay itself is spot-on from its red heels to its blue tights. The wig is even styled perfectly for Bulma which she would no doubt approve of. In both of the fan's hands, you can find tiny Dragon Balls in her grip, and the look gets connected with a pretty little bow tie.

Over online, fans are raving over the quality of this cosplay as well as its photoshoot. A good few cosplays are done a disservice with how static they are capture, but this dynamic pose does no such thing. The unique picture suits Bulma in every way, so fans are right to give this Dragon Ball Z cosplay two thumbs up.


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