Dragon Ball Z Channels DC Comics with One Fan's 'Kakarot' Comics

One of the biggest arguments in the world of anime to date is who would win in a fight between Dragon Ball's Goku and DC Comics' Superman, but one fan has decided to take things down a different path by imaging what the survivor of the Planet Vegeta would look like if he were a part of the DC Universe. While Goku himself is certainly considered a savior to the Earth, he usually isn't thought of as a super hero, where as this fan artist shows us truly what the Saiyan warrior would look like in the world of North America comic books.

Goku has an origin that is strikingly similar to that of Clark Kent's, with Kakarot being jettisoned off the Planet Vegeta by his parents right before it is destroyed. With Goku soaring toward the Earth, he lands on the surface and is found by a kindly martial artist named Gohan, who raises the boy as if he were his own. When Grandpa Gohan eventually dies, Goku meets with Bulma and his life takes a drastically different path from that of Kal-El. Both the last son of Krypton and the last son of Planet Vegeta have more in common than we think and it seems as if Goku himself would make for a great addition to the DC Universe.

Twitter User SirBaisa shared this amazing art work that slaps Goku into a superhero suit that is perfectly fitting for the character, showing him soaring through the clouds in a pose that is strikingly similar to that of Superman, as he protects Metropolis and the world on the regular:


As mentioned earlier, the brawl between Goku and Superman has long been on the minds of both anime and comic fans alike, as numerous pieces of fan art, videos, and comics have been made in an attempt to see which fighter would come out on top. While it's a debate that might never be answered, it's still fun to analyze the hypothetical clash and see if a Saiyan or a Kryptonian would come out on top when it comes to a one on one fight!

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