Dragon Ball Fan Makes Viral EMD Track with Sick Beats and Goku's Screams

When it comes to Dragon Ball Z, fans are in for a full sensory experience. From the anime's visuals to its music, the anime has become a visceral thing to fans. Of course, fans would find it hard to miss all the screaming done by Goku in the show as the Saiyan prefers to power up that way. And thanks to one fan, they have turned Goku's best screams from Dragon Ball Z into a chill EDM track.

The music comes from Reddit user smoodyboi, and the idea came after the musician went into quarantine. They decided to binge Dragon Ball Z during the ordeal, and Goku screamed so much that the musician thought it would be fun to turn them into a song.

You can check out the song below as smoodyboi filmed their performance of the EDM track. The vibe track flies in the face of Goku's energy back with its vibe energy. The slow and relaxing track seems far more Piccolo's style, but this piece is all Goku. After all, it is built off the vocal backbone of Goku's screams, so you cannot get more personal than that.

I've been watching alot of DBZ in quarantine, so I made a beat from goku screams from r/dbz

Over on social media, Dragon Ball fans were surprised by the dope track since it was made from Goku screaming. Those vocals aren't described as chill very often, but smoodyboi made it happen. The user has since made the track available on SoundCloud which can be found here.


"Thank you all so much for the kind words. I just posted to SoundCloud if you'd like to listen and I'll be doing more beat videos like this on my Instagram," the creator shared.

So, which other Dragon Ball characters are ripe for a remix...? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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