Dragon Ball Fan Imagines Freeza's Frosty CG Debut

When it comes to anime villains, it is hard to find someone more iconic than Freeza. The baddie is known the world over thanks to his place in Dragon Ball lore. His design and grating laugh has haunted fans since the early days of Dragon Ball Z, and he continues to plague Universe 7 to this day. Of course, the villain's star status has made him a target for memes, but there are plenty of fans who choose to honor the tyrant with other artwork. And recently, one fan felt it was time to update Freeza's look in light of his recent goals.

The last time we saw Freeza, he was still up to his old antics of attempting to exact revenge on both Goku and Vegeta, unleashing the Legendary Super Saiyan known as Broly against them in the latest feature length film of the Dragon Ball Super franchise! Though his plan backfired and he received one insane beat down at the hands of the mad Saiyan himself, Freeza was able to survive and will most likely continue to pursue the Dragon Balls in order to fulfill his insane desire not for immortality, but to simply be taller.

Instagram Artist Xun 3D was able to capture the personality of Freeza in his first form, first introduced as a much smaller alien that hovered around inside of his pod, while also harboring a power level that would allow him to destroy planets by simply flicking his finger and watching from above:

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Freeza isn't looking to appear in the latest Moro Arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga, with the Z Fighters spending their time attempting to take down the energy absorbing sorcerer. With the Moro Arc getting ready to wrap with the next chapter of the manga, it's still up in the air as to where the Akira Toriyama created Shonen series will go in the future, though we would imagine that it will only be a matter of time until we see Freeza return in some form or fashion. The real question is whether Freeza will return as a friend or foe to the Z Fighters!

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