Dragon Ball Z Mega-Fan Shows Off Impressive Shenron Tattoo

While the Akira Toriyama franchise usually focuses on insane energy battles between Saiyans and extraterrestrial threats heading toward Earth, each story arc also normally finds a way to work in the mythical Dragon Balls which, when gathered, allow someone to make a wish before the Eternal Dragon, Shenron. The Dragon itself has been a staple of the anime franchise, appearing numerous times in marketing materials and story beats. Now, one fan has decided to show off their love of the franchise with an amazing tattoo that completely covers his arm!

Shenron was created thanks to the inherent ability that all Namekians have to create Dragon Balls, with Kami making the legendary wish suppliers after his initial landing on earth. Following Kami's creation of the franchise staple, the Namekian split his good side and bad side into two separate beings, with his evil half becoming one of the main villains of the initial Dragon Ball series. Though Piccolo eventually became a hero and re-merged with Kami for a serious power boost, the Dragon Balls endured in the series.

Reddit User NightKrow666 shared their fantastic Shenron tattoo, blending both the Eternal Dragons and the Dragon Balls that summon him whenever someone in the universe of Goku and Vegeta is looking to make a wish after gathering their mythical artifacts into one place:

Got my new Shenron tattoo from r/dbz

Currently, in the manga, the Dragon Balls are once again used in an important way for the story, albeit to assist the villain Moro rather than the heroes. Moro, the ancient wizard, used the Dragon Balls to assist himself in stealing all the energy he wants as well as getting revenge against the Galactic Patrol. Without going into spoiler territory, the Namekian Dragon Balls have put the heroes into quite a tricky predicament, looking to find new ways to defeat the horned antagonist.


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