Dragon Ball Z Details How Clueless Yamcha Was About Bulma x Vegeta

Poor Yamcha. Perhaps there is no bigger of a "joke character' in the history of Dragon Ball than Yamcha, the one time bandit whose power level was played up as a joke numerous times throughout the series. While Dragon Ball Super has recently presented a much stronger Yamcha that is seemingly finally pulling his weight in Earth's fight against evil with the war against Moro, there are still other avenues that are taking the opportunity to poke fun at the fighter who lost his long time girlfriend to the prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta. Now, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, the popular video game retelling the Dragon Ball Z franchise, shows us just how clueless Yamcha truly was.

Bulma and Vegeta became something of a couple following Vegeta's arrival on Earth immediately after the Freeza Saga, with the Prince of the Saiyans attempting to gain the level of Super Saiyan for himself. Prior to the arrival of the Androids, as foretold by their future son Trunks, the unlikely pair seemingly became quite fond of each other, much to Yamcha's dismay. Of course, Yamcha and Bulma had a long on again, off again relationship wherein the two could never quite hammer down the semantics of their feelings for one another.

Reddit User FinalFightKen grabbed this hilarious screen shot from Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, showing off Yamcha's clueless-ness wherein he is slowly beginning to realize that something is truly going on between Vegeta and Bulma, that will eventually create one of the most popular Dragon Ball characters in Trunks:

If only yamcha knew... What really going on between vegeta and bulma 👀😂 from r/kakarot

Bulma and Vegeta have stayed a couple throughout the years of Dragon Ball with Yamcha seemingly never finding a love of his own. With the series giving Yamcha a new power boost in the fight against Moro, maybe his days as a joke for the franchise may be done!

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