Viral Video Shares DIY Attempt at Krillin's 'Dragon Ball Z' Death

One of the most memorable moments of the entire Dragon Ball franchise is when Goku went Super Saiyan for the very first time in his battle with Freeza on Namek. There's an equally as famous, or infamous depending on who you ask, moment that occurs right before.

One fan hilariously re-imagined Krillin's big death at the hands of Freeza in a pretty unique way, and you can check it out below.

@KaneBlueriverCL took to Twitter to share his take on Krillin's famous death by attaching a printed out image of a screaming Krillin to a bottle rocket. After lighting it, Krillin is sent flying high into the sky and explodes in very much in the same way as he did in the series...though here it's admittedly much more festive than it was in the original series.

In Dragon Ball Z, Freeza is so angered by how well Goku has been fighting against him that he seeks to kill all of Goku's allies one by one. The tyrant is doing it purely to torment Goku, and Krillin's death comes after Freeza takes down the likes of Piccolo and Vegeta. But Krillin's was a bit more theatrical as Freeza uses his telekinetic abilities to carry Krillin into the sky and blow him up while Krillin screams out for Goku's help.

This was the final straw, however, as seeing his best friend die once more is what finally pushes Goku over the edge and initiates his first Super Saiyan transformation. This moment is often seen as many fans' favorite moment of the entire series, and is often the first scene many remember first when looking back on the entire series as a whole. Thankfully, the fight turns around from here (and Krillin comes back to life not long after), so now fans can look at videos like @KaneBlueriverCL's and just laugh at Krillin taking another franchise loss.


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