Dragon Ball Z Art Explores The Demonic Side of Majin Vegeta

One of the biggest moments for the Prince of the Saiyans within the anime series of Dragon Ball Z was when he was overtaken by the magic of the villain Babidi and became a Majin in order to attempt to bring down his eternal rival in Goku and one fan artist has given the power up a much more demonic look! In this Majin state, Vegeta essentially sucker punched Goku and sacrificed his life in a bid to stop Majin Buu, self detonating while utlimately being unsuccessful in bringing down the last major villain of this Akira Toriyama series.

Vegeta's Majin transformation was definitely an interesting one, with the Prince of the Saiyans essentially throwing away his "good side" in a bid to finally defeat Son Goku. Using the power up to blow through innocent bystanders at the World Tournament, the battle between Vegeta and Goku was joined. Along with giving himself fully to his evil side during this battle, he was also given a big power boost by Babidi that put him on the same level as Goku, with the two jumping into their Super Saiyan 2 levels and easily letting loose enough energy to resurrect the world destroying pink villain.

Twitter Artist DTR16Kyab shared this impressive fan art that imagines what Majin Vegeta would look like if he were given a much more evil appearance, sprouting horns from his forehead and ready to put an end to the eternal battle that he was waging against Goku:

Though it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing a return of this "Majin" power up in the future of the franchise within Dragon Ball Super, Vegeta has definitely been learning some new moves within the current story line that sees the Z Fighters battling against Moro. Travelling to the Planet Yardrat, the alien world that taught Goku how to wield the technique of Instant Transmission, the Prince of the Saiyans learned a new power in the form of Forced Spirit Fission. The new technique allowed Vegeta to undo fusions, energy stealing abilities, and gave a feather in his cap unlike anything he had seen before.

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