Dragon Ball Piccolo Lamp Fires Special Beam Cannon

Dragon Ball's Piccolo is one of the most interesting, complex characters in the series' roster. Originally starting as a villain in the first Dragon Ball series, Piccolo finds himself acting as a father figure to the son of his sworn enemy Goku. Ironically, Goku was killed at the hands of Piccolo during a fight with his brother Raditz thanks to Piccolo's technique, Special Beam Cannon (or Makankosappo in Japanese). The technique remained through Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super and has now been incorporated into a fairly nifty lamp!

Shared by Reddit User Grillmaster, the lamp itself features Piccolo firing off his patented technique, with the light of the lamp featured as the energy beam. The lamp itself is currently available to be purchased through a number of third party sellers, so if this is something that may strike your fancy and you want to light up a room with the power of three Namekians (Piccolo, Nail, and Kami are currently fused together), this may be the lamp for you.


Piccolo has had a wild journey throughout the three series of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super. In the original series, Piccolo Daimao (or King Piccolo) was an elderly Namek who was the evil side of the "God of Earth", Kami. King Piccolo's attempts to take over the world lead him into direct with Goku, a child at the time, who managed to kill the Namek by ramming himself through his upper torso. With his last breath, Piccolo spat out an egg that would birth the Piccolo we know today (or Piccolo Jr.)

During DBZ, Piccolo began to change, mostly in part thanks to the admiration received from Goku's son, Gohan. Though Piccolo died in the initial fight against Vegeta and Nappa, he was brought back from the dead like most of the Dragon Ball characters and gained additional power ups by absorbing other Namekians into himself. When Z ended, Piccolo found himself in as a teacher to both Goten and Trunks in showing them how to fuse together to create Gotenks.

While Piccolo has been left behind mostly in the power level department in Dragon Ball Super, he still manages to hold his weight during the tournament of power and even managed to assist in unleashing Gohan's mystic transformation that he had learned during the "Buu Saga". Most recently, Piccolo taught Goku and Vegeta the fusion dance in order to create Gogeta in their fight against Broly in the feature film, Dragon Ball Super: Broly.


Will you yell out "MAKANKOSAPPO" in an attempt to get your hands on this lamp? What other Dragon Ball character would you like to see appear in lamp form? Let us know in the comments or feel free to hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime.