Z Fighters Tie The Knot With Dragon Ball Cake

Weddings aren't something new to Akira Toriyama's popular Shonen franchise of Dragon Ball. Chi Chi pulled off the impossible, successfully tricking Goku into marrying her by making the Saiyan protagonist believe that a "wedding" was actually some sort of food. Though the two managed to have two kids with Gohan and Goten, the ridiculousness of their relationship is still one of the funniest aspects of the long running series. Now, two Z-fans who have recently tied the knot celebrated their nuptials by creating a wedding cake that pays homage to the Eternal Dragon.

Reddit User JusePinnn shared their amazing wedding cake that isn't just adorned with a spiraling Shenron around the edges of the cake, but is also topped with a bride and groom that appear to be fashioned after the appearances of Goku and Chi Chi on their wedding day:

My wedding cake 🥰🥰🥰 from r/dbz

The relationship between Goku and Chi Chi has always been a strange one, leaving audiences scratching their heads. With Goku so focused on training, he barely manages to play the role of father, let alone the role of a husband. In an episode of Dragon Ball Super, things were made even more confusing when Goku revealed to his friends that he had never even kissed Chi Chi before. How on earth this works exactly when the two have had two kids is still leaving us perplexed.

Marriage has also managed to enter the lives of Krillin and Android 18 as the two got hitched following the Cell Games, and spawning a daughter of their own. Also, while Vegeta and Bulma are in a relationship, the prince of the Saiyans and one of the earliest characters to appear in the Dragon Ball still haven't officially categorized themselves as husband and wife. However, much like Goku and Chi Chi, the pair have had two kids in the forms of Trunks and Bulla.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye out to see if any other Dragon Ball wedding bells are in the future as the Dragon Ball Super manga moves forward.


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