Elon Musk's Idolmaster Meme Actually Made Bandai Namco's Stocks Go Up

Elon Musk has become the richest man in the world, and the tech billionaire is embracing the moniker in stride. As expected, Musk has used Twitter to engage with followers frequently after being awarded the title, and one of his more recent posts has pushed forward some anime stocks.

The whole thing began after Musk hit up Twitter to share a meme using a character from The Idolmaster. After the post went live, it seems the market took note of all the extra attention, and stocks for Bandai Namco actually rose.

In fact, Bloomberg senior editor Gearoid Reidy told fans the stock push was tied to Musk's tweet. The face of Tesla lifted shares for Bandai Namco, but this rise isn't that unusual for the company. After all, Bandai Namco shares went up steadily throughout 2020 as many of its products escaped impact from COVID-19.

To be precise, Musk was able to lift Bandai Namco stock to 9,400 yen per share. This is not the company's peak share price to date, but it is higher than most of its previous price points. The only other time Bandai Namco stocks hit higher was in December 2020 when its stocks were priced at 9,600 per share.

Clearly, Musk has some serious influence when it comes to stock brokers and traders. Bandai Namco wasn't on the radars of most people before this business leader pointed it out. And now, well - we can only assume Bandai Namco is happy for it.


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