Universal Studios Announces Special Godzilla, Evangelion Ride

Universal Studios Japan has announced that a new attraction featuring the mechanized units from Neon Genesis Evangelion taking on Godzilla -- yes, Godzilla -- will premiere in 2019.

The announcement comes as part of Universal Studios Japan's annual "Cool Japan" lineup reveal. The type of attractions at the event can vary, so it's unclear exactly what shape the Godzilla and Evangelion one will take, or what manner of interactivity it will have. Other announced attractions for the 5th anniversary event include one for Detective Conan, Lupin the Third, Sailor Moon, and Attack on Titan.

You can check out a teaser image for the event, featuring a small image of Evangelion's Unit-01 opposing Godzilla with a small "VS" between them, below:

universal studios japan cool japan evangelion vs godzilla
(Photo: Universal Studios Japan)

The "Cool Japan" event will apparently be split into two different periods, with "Spring" featuring the Detective Conan and Lupin the Third attractions from January 18, 2019 to June 23, 2019. The "Summer" term, which includes the Attack on Titan, Sailor Moon, and Evangelion vs. Godzilla attractions, is scheduled to run from May 31, 2019 to August 25, 2019.

Why are the two giants facing off, you might wonder? Well, as Anime News Network notes, Neon Genesis Evangelion and the film Shin Godzilla share a director, Hideaki Anno, for one. A 2016 April Fools' Day joke on Shin Godzilla's official website pit the two franchises against each other, so it's not without precedent. There was even a concert featuring the two in 2017.


Neon Genesis Evangelion, for those not aware, is a psychological drama by way of "giant monster versus mech" anime. The franchise debuted as a television series in 1995 and ran through 1996, with two films following in 1997. Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth is one part drastically abridged retelling of the first 24 episodes of the television series, and one part new animation. The End of Evangelion, the second film, incorporates some of Death & Rebirth’s original animation and offers alternate take on the original series’ controversial final two episodes.

What do you think of the news out of Universal Studios Japan? Would you be down for a turn with this attraction? Let us know in the comments!