Fate/Stay Night Postpones New Movie Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The ongoing pandemic continues to spread its way across the globe, and the new coronavirus has [...]

The ongoing pandemic continues to spread its way across the globe, and the new coronavirus has wreaked havoc on the entertainment industry in the last few weeks. Theater chains from all over the world have shuttered as mandates ask for people to avoid large crowds. Now, it seems like Japan has been hit with its own delays, and that means bad things for the next Fate/stay night movie.

Recently, the official word was given on the release of Fate/stay night and its upcoming premiere. The movie was expected to debut in Japanese theaters starting on March 28, but organizers have cancelled the release after Tokyo announced it would be practicing strict social distancing guidelines this weekend.

In fact, all theaters in Tokyo will be closed this weekend, so there is no way the movie could premiere unless it simply ignored all of Tokyo. That would mean a major loss in funds which the Fate/stay night series thrives on, so it seems highly unlikely the movie would debut without a promised theatrical backing.

The movie has found a temporary release to counter this last-minute cancellation. Fate/stay night is hoping to screen the film starting on April 25 in Japan, giving the film nearly a one-month delay. Fans might be upset that they have to wait longer to see the film, but the public safety rewards far outweigh the risk. After all, Fate/stay will want as many of its fans to see the new Heaven's Feel film, but many would not be able to if they were at home sick. Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel The Movie III. spring song has already had its U.S. release date delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the only thing left for fans to do is wait for the franchise's return.

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