Fate/Zero Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Poster

Fate/Zero is nearing its 10th anniversary, and fans are still reeling in light of the milestone. For some followers, it feels like weeks have passed since the show debuted, but Fate/Zero is ready to enter its double digits. Of course, that means the team at Ufotable is eager to celebrate the hit show, and a special poster has gone live to do just that.

The update went live not long ago, and fans of the Fate/Stay Night franchise were quick to pass it around. As you can see below, the art showcases two familiar faces from the prequel anime, and Kiritsugu hasn't aged a bit.

(Photo: Ufotable)

To the right, fans can find Kiritsugu with an arm blocking his face. The dark-haired fighter looks downright scary in this close shot, and you can tell the look is meant for Kirei. After all, the other fighter is pictured to the left with his usual cross necklace held up. The rivals look ready to throw down in this poster, and honestly? That tracks for the tenuous pair.

Despite ten years having past, Fate/Zero is still hugely popular with fans, and it brings in new fans by the month. Gen Urobuchi didn't slip with his script, and Ufotable showed out with its animation. Back in the day, Fate/Zero even went on to win Titles of the Year. And of course, its success only helped launch the Fate/Stay Night series into the stratosphere. The franchise is doling out new series to this day, after all.

Want to know more about Fate/Zero? You can find the prequel's official synopsis here: "The fourth Holy Grail War has begun, and seven magi must summon heroes from history to battle each other to the death. Only one magi and hero pair will remain to claim the grail and have their wishes granted! Kiritsugu Emiya was once an assassin but now fights in this war to save the world from those who would destroy it with the grail's power."

Can you believe it's been a decade since Fate/Zero went live? Have you checked out the show recently? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.