Food Wars Season 4 Shares Opening, Ending Themes

After the third season left the series off on a major cliffhanger as Soma and the other rebels prepared to fight for the future of Totsuki Academy against the strongest chefs left in the Elite Ten, now the fourth season of Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma has returned to finally bring this intense Central arc to an end after such a long wait. With new episodes bringing about an end to the Regiments de Cuisine, this also means that the series has made its comeback with a new set of opening and ending themes as well.

The opening theme for Food Wars: The Fourth Plate is titled "Chronos" as performed by Stereo Dive Foundation, and the new ending theme for the series is titled "Emblem," as performed by nano.RIPE. You can check out both of the new theme sequences below thanks to @Kirari_star on Twitter.

With a short recap at the beginning of the episode to catch fans back up to speed, the first episode of the fourth season rejoins Soma and the others in the second round of the Regiments de Cuisine. The rebel team managed to win the first three matches of the team shokugeki thus far, but Soma and the others can't afford to rest on their laurels as one mistake can spell doom for their entire team as they still need to defeat the first two seats of the Elite Ten.

Hinting at just how intense the shokugekis will get in the rest of the season, the new opening theme for the series is full of the kinds of fantastical imagery fans have come to expect from the anime. It's going to be an intense bout to end this super shokugeki, and there are even tougher challenges beyond this.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma was originally created by Yuto Tsukuda with illustrations by Shun Saeki for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. The story follows Soma Yukihira, a young chef who one days wants to get good enough at cooking to take over his family diner from his father. But when he graduates from middle school, his father shuts down his diner and tells Soma to enroll into Totsuki Academy, an elite cooking school where only one percent of students who enroll actually graduate.