'Frozen II' Gets Gritty In Its Own Anime Opening

It’s little secret that Frozen II is one of Disney’s most-anticipated films on the horizon. [...]

It's little secret that Frozen II is one of Disney's most-anticipated films on the horizon. The awaited sequel will go live this fall, and one fan decided to honor the animated feat the only way they know how — through the power of anime.

Over on Youtube, a user named Augsterz shared their anime take on Frozen II. The fan reimagined the first teaser trailer for the sequel as if it were an anime, and the edit is downright perfect.

So, let the comparisons begin! Do you think Elsa aligns more with Sasuke Uchiha? Or maybe Vegeta?

As you can see in the video above, the edited clip adds to Disney's recently shared Frozen II teaser. Footage is taken directly from the tease, but it is combined with clips found in Frozen as well as Olaf's Frozen Adventure. The dramatic opening mirrors lots of key points expected from anime as childhood flashbacks, deaths, and action sequences are all shown. So, if you think Anna could not cut it in Fairy Tail's world, think again.

If the song used in this edit sounds familiar, then you shouldn't be surprised. Augsterz used "Silhouette" by KANA-BOON, a single that debuted back in 2014. The song became a hit in Japan after Naruto Shippuden used it for its 16th opening, and it seems the hit is lending its power to Frozen II nowadays.

For all you Disney fans, projects like these are hyping the animated sequel more so than ever before, but that's not to say the film isn't being looked forward to as is. Little is known about the movie at this point, but the teaser trailer for Frozen II was well received by netizens. In fact, the clip broke the record to become the world's most-viewed animation trailer to date as Frozen II racked up more than 114 million views in just 24 hours.

So, do you think Disney should look into doing an actual anime one day? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!


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