'Fruits Basket' Reboot Reveals Opening Theme

Fruits Basket has returned after being away for 18 years or so for a brand new, rebooted anime take on the franchise. Fans have been blown away by the new series thus far with its premiere episode garnering tons of great reactions, and the series is on course to impress even further with the second episode. Now that it has officially debuted, fans got to see the series' opening theme.

The opening theme sequence was revealed for the series' second episode, and is titled "Again!!" as performed by Beverly. You can check out the opening for yourself in the video below thanks to @Kirari_star on Twitter.

Officially premiering in Japan on April 5, and now streaming on FunimationNOW and Crunchyroll, Fruits Basket features an all-new staff, Japanese voice cast, and visuals. Yoshihide Ibata is directing the series reboot for TMS Entertainment, Taku Kishimoto as series writer, and Masaru Shindo as character designer. Takaya will be supervising the series, and one of its big goals is to adapt the manga rather than deviate into its own original story like the original anime series from 18 years ago.

If you have yet to see the ending theme for the series, it is titled "Lucky Ending," and is performed by Vickeblanca. You can check it out at the link here. Fruits Basket will even be returning with three new manga chapters later this year from original creator Natsuki Takaya as well.

Fruits Basket was originally created by Natsuki Takaya for Hakusensha's Han to Yume magazine in 1998. The series follows a sweet, young, orphaned girl named Tohru Honda who ends up living with a few members of the mysterious Sohma clan when shenanigans ensue. Things get out of control when Tohru learns the family has been cursed to transform into zodiac animals whenever they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Sworn to secrecy, Tohru decides to help break the cyclical curse, and the girl falls in love with a special someone along the way.


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