Fruits Basket Creator Stuns with Final Fantasy 7 Art

Fruits Basket is an anime series that revolves around a cast of characters that are struggling with a "curse" that causes them to transform into certain animals when they are embraced by the opposite sex, and the creator Natsuki Takaya, has lent her talents in re-creating the relationship between Aerith and Cloud from Final Fantasy VII, who definitely doesn't transform into animal when he's hugged. With Square Enix recently releasing the long awaited Remake of the game that is considered to be one of the best role playing adventures in the medium throughout the decades, it's no surprise to see this take arrive!

The second season of Fruits Basket has hit the ground floor running, acting as a remake that more closely followed the events that took place in the franchise's manga. While the anime franchise has little in common with Final Fantasy VII, and certainly hasn't hit the heights of popularity that the long awaited Playstation game has, it definitely has developed a passionate fan base since originally hitting the scene in the late 90's. Though the future for Fruits Basket is still up in the air following the conclusion of season two, Square is already working on the sequel to the recent Remake of their Final Fantasy franchise, which will more than likely arrive on the next generation of consoles.

The artwork by Natsuki Takaya of Fruits Basket fame can be found on her Official Twitter Account here, showing off Cloud and Aerith sharing a brief embrace, following the two getting to know one another in the futuristic city of Midgar as the eco-terrorists of Avalanche attempted to bring down the company known as Shinra!

Fruits Basket Final Fantasy VII Fan Art
(Photo: TMS/8PAN and Square Enix)

The franchise of Final Fantasy has spent decades creating different worlds across multiple consoles, with the world of Cloud and Aerith perhaps resonating the most with fans. Though the series will most likely get a few more games to wrap up the story of the Remake and its story, we wouldn't mind seeing some of the other older Final Fantasy games receive similar treatment down the road based on the recent game's success!

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