Fruits Basket Season 2 Trailer Teases More Manga Moments

Fruits Basket's big reboot anime was already one of the biggest hits of 2019, and now the second season is preparing to do the same with a new trailer teasing that's to come in the next half of the season. The first cour of the second season has now wrapped along with the other Spring 2020 anime releases, but thankfully the series will be continuing with brand new episodes throughout the Summer 2020 season. To tease what's to come with the next half of the episodes, Funimation has shared a brand new trailer!

This newest trailer for Fruits Basket Season 2 is probably one of the most spoiler-filled of the trailers released thus far as it teases some pretty key moments coming for Tohru and the others, but most importantly, it further confirms that this series will continue to adapt the manga as it originally had planned. You can check out the new trailer in the video above!

When the new Fruits Basket anime was first announced, and it was revealed that original series creator Natsuki Takaya would be returning to supervise the new show, one of the aspects for it many fans were excited about was its mission statement that it would be far more faithful to the original manga than the first anime was.

As many well know by now, Fruits Basket originally received an anime adaptation nearly 20 years ago that ended up going in a completely original direction. This meant that many scenes from the manga never were animated, and that's the core draw of this latest trailer. Season 2 of the reboot anime has already featured some manga moments never adapted before, but it's going to go into completely darker and uncharted territory from here on out.


It's currently unknown just how long this new series will be overall, but with the first and second seasons running for 20 plus episodes then there's a chance Fruits Basket will be hanging around for quite a while. But what do you think?

Are you enjoying the new Fruits Basket anime so far, and what did you think of the first season? What did you think of the first half of Season 2? Which moments from the manga are you most excited to see next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!