Futurama Finally Reveals Kif and Amy's Kids

Futurama Season 11 finally reveals Kif and Amy's children in the newest episode, Axl, Mandy, and Newt.

Futurama Season 11 has returned to Hulu with a new episode, and it has finally followed up on a 20 year old episode with the full reveal of Kif and Amy's kids after all these years! One of the big promises that Futurama made heading into its second major reboot with Hulu was the fact that they would be using some of these episodes to follow up on unresolved plots left hanging by the original runs of the series. This has already come to pass with the second episode of the new season as it brings back Kif and Amy's tadpoles last seen in Season 4. 

Kif and Amy gave birth to tadpoles during the Season 4 episode, "Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch," and now 20 years later, Futurama has shifted their status quo by bringing back these tadpoles back into the series in full. After finding a hilarious way to pare down the potential thousands of babies, they ended up with three children at different ages (due to where they spent time in the swamp) with Axl the oldest, Mandy the middle child, and Newt the youngest. Check out Kif and Amy's kids below: 

(Photo: Hulu)

Futurama: Who Are Kif and Amy's Children? 

Futurama Season 11 Episode 2, "Children of a Lesser Bog," ends the 20 year wait that Kif had teased Amy about during Season 4 in which each of the tadpoles had grown arms and legs and made their way back to land. They end up with three children as a result, and each of them ended up growing at different rates due to the temperature of the water where they spent most of their time in the swamp. Although Leela was technically the one who provided the genetic material, Amy is the official Smizmar. 

This ends up playing a role in the main conflict for the episode as Amy was challenged over her role as their mother, but thankfully the episode comes to an end with Kif and Amy cementing their new family dynamic in place. Now it's just a matter of seeing how Futurama uses these three new characters moving forward in future episodes of the series much like how the other kids in the series have been used so far. 

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