Ghost In The Shell Director Sings the Praise of Fallout in New Interview

Director Mamoru Oshii has brought to life some absolutely stunning animation over the course of his career, with his most legendary works considered by many to be the likes of Ghost In The Shell, Patlabour 2: The Movie, and Stray Dogs to name a few, so it's no surprise to see him drawn into the captivating universe of Fallout that has become so big in the world of video games! In a recent interview, Oshii went into detail regarding just how much he has fallen in love with one of the latest adventures in the wasteland with Fallout 4!

The world of video games and anime have often been intertwined with each creating unique adaptations of franchises within both mediums. For example, we've seen numerous video games created from the world of anime, including the likes of Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, Attack On Titan, Bleach, and many more. Vice versa, we've seen a number of anime series created that from franchises that were originally born within the medium of video games, with the likes of Persona, Castlevania, and of course the most popular of them all, Pokemon. It's a relationship that has benefitted both mediums throughout the years and will most likely continue far into the future.

Twitter User Otaku Calendar JP shared the excerpt from an interview with Oshii in which the prolific director went into detail regarding how much time he has put into the world of Fallout 4, stating that he is currently on his eighth run of the game and continuing to make changes thanks to mods of the game itself:

Though we've never gotten a Fallout anime, the franchise announced last year that a live-action television series was in the works to bring this unique landscape to life. Amazon, who will be producing the series, has yet to make any casting announcements or release date details, but there are plenty of fans waiting to hear more details about the eventual release.


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