Godzilla Shares Close Look at New Evangelion Mech

Godzilla and Evangelion have crossed over recently with an attraction at Universal Studios Japan, allowing fans of both franchises to experience the meeting the lizard king and the Eva Units via a four-dimensional attraction, and now both popular series are crossing over once again with a new mech that you will be able to purchase that combines the current king of the monsters and EVA Unit 01. Though there has yet to be an official movie and/or anime television series that brings the two franchises together, considering their respective popularities, it's always a possibility!

Both the killer kaiju and the anime franchise that introduced us to the world of NERV have big movies that are in their respective futures, as Godzilla battles the ruler of Skull Island in the upcoming Godzilla Vs. Kong that is dropping next month, and Evangelion finishing its Rebuild film series in Evangelion 3.0 + 1.0: Thrice Upon A Time. Both films have seen several delays as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, though the latter has been postponed indefinitely as a result of the current state of emergency that has been declared in Japan, while the former will be hitting both theater and HBO Max next month. Needless to say, fans of both franchises can't wait for either of these films to finally make landfall!

Twitter User Omega Gormaru took the opportunity to share a new look at the upcoming fusion figure that unites the lizard king with Eva Unit 01, once again linking the franchises of Godzilla and Neon Genesis Evangelion once again following their original confrontation that took place as a part of Universal Studios Japan:

The lizard king that battles the Eva units wasn't the typical Godzilla that we've seen in the past, rather, it was the terrifying version that had been introduced in the movie, Shin Godzilla, which was the last film featuring the giant kaiju in Japan. On top of this confrontation, the attraction also gave us a new take on King Ghidorah, giving it an appropriately terrifying "Shin" makeover.

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