Godzilla: King of the Monsters Director Gets Fans Buzzing with Kongzilla Post

Godzilla is one of the biggest movie monsters out there, and it will not be long before he heads [...]

Godzilla is one of the biggest movie monsters out there, and it will not be long before he heads back to theaters. Godzilla vs Kong is slated to debut this fall barring any delays due to the pandemic. Of course, the Godzilla fandom is living for new details on the franchise as a whole, and director Michael Dougherty trolled plenty when he posted a photo of his beloved Kongzilla.

But don't get too hyped up just yet! Kongzilla has no plans to appear on the big screen... at least that we know of. The statue that Dougherty is posting about is a legendary one in the fandom that so many covet.

Over on Instagram, the director showed off his statue of Kongzilla to the world. The special piece has been discussed on the Internet plenty of times, but its rarity makes it something very special. After all, Bowen Designs made the figure years ago, and it has become something of a collector's piece amongst Godzilla fans.

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For those needing a bit of context, Kongzilla was made by Bowen Designs after the team wondered what a hybrid of the two monsters would look like. It has never been made canon in any way, but many fans have wondered what it would be like if it were to happen.

Bowen Designs went as far as to make a story behind the figure, so the hybrid dates back to 1962. It was seeded when Godzilla and King Kong fought for the first time and caused immeasurable damage to themselves and mankind. Pieces of the monsters were strewn about from the fight, and a surviving scientist made the hybrid after piecing the parts back together. And if that doesn't sound like a solid horror movie, then what would?

As much as fans want to see this monster brought into the canon, it seems like such a move would be difficult. For now, they can keep crossing their fingers that Mechagodzilla will show up and hunting for this Kongzilla figure wherever they should shop.

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