Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Title Surfaces Online

For years now, Legendary Pictures has dedicated itself to the MonsterVerse, and Godzilla's clout has never been bigger thanks to all the love. With several movies under its thumb, the franchise is expanding in new ways with live-action TV series and upcoming films. The next movie to join the MonsterVerse will bring Godzilla and Kong back together, and it seems the film's title has surfaced online.

The report comes from popular fan sites like Gormaru that have spotted gear on social media from the movie's crew. If this merchandise is right, the sequel will be titled Godzilla and Kong. This comes after the movie's working title 'Origins' was shared months ago on Instagram as the sequel began filming in Australia.

What Do We Know About the Movie So Far?

At this time, no official comment has been given on this sequel's title, but fans do know quite a bit about the MonsterVerse movie. The movie is said to have finished principal photography overseas, and 2023 will be dedicated to editing and marketing. At this point, the movie is expected to hit theaters in March 2024, but there is always a chance the release window could be moved.

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This project will mark the fifth movie in the MonsterVerse and follows directly after Godzilla vs Kong. Director Adam Wingard is returning to oversee the movie as Legendary Pictures and Toho Co. team to bring two movie monsters to life. No official synopsis has gone live for the sequel just yet, but Warner Bros. Pictures did share some details about the project. Its story promises to delve into the origins of its famous kaiju and how a long-forgotten battle on Earth tied the pair to mankind ages ago.

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