Godzilla vs Kong Director Teases an Important Part of the Film's Inspiration

It has been a bit since fans have heard anything official about Godzilla vs Kong, and kaiju lovers are getting restless. With the epic crossover movie moved to 2021, fans are doing their best to manage their hype for Godzilla vs Kong until the new year rolls in. But thanks to a new post from director Adam Wingard, netizens have put on their thinking caps and begun speculating whether Godzilla vs Kong will star a certain... cat??

Yes, you did read that all correctly. There is a lot of talk about whether a cat kaiju will take part in the big crossover. After all, Wingard has been on a social media spree posting photos of his cat, and the director says he drew a lot of inspiration from her for Godzilla vs Kong.

You can see the post in question where Wingard opens up about his inspiration. The director posted a picture of Midnight on a leash as she goes for a walk. The gorgeous kitty looks fierce thanks to her long black mane, and the stare she is giving is picture-perfect. Clearly, Wingard is smitten with the kitten as he shared several photos of Midnight, and he told fans this about her part in Godzilla vs Kong:

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Mischief (the cat):There is alot of her inspiration in my version of Godzilla and King Kong ;)

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"There is a lot of her inspiration in my version of Godzilla and King Kong."

Wingard's message was accompanied by a winking emoji, so fans are not sure how to take his note. There is always the chance Midnight literally appears in Godzilla vs Kong, but fans have other kinds of inspiration to speculate about. After all, there are some who think Midnight might have inspired a brand-new kaiju, but there is no way to know right now. At this point, Godzilla vs Kong has yet to put out any official footage, so we'll have to wait until 2021 to see how Midnight fits into this MonsterVerse sequel.

What do you make of this cute tease? Would you be down for Godzilla to face off with a cat kaiju of some sort? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!