Godzilla Goes Viral After Fulfilling One Girl's Dream Date

Godzilla has been in the news a lot recently, gaining a new found celebrity thanks in part to next year's Godzilla Vs. Kong film by Legendary Pictures and the upcoming anime series of Godzilla: Singular Point that will be arriving on the streaming service of Netflix, and with this popularity the king of the kaiju has recently gone on a date! A super fan of the king of the monsters has gone on a day on the town with a real life version of Godzilla, with the video itself going viral as a result of this unique pairing!

13 year old "mega-fan" of the Toho Studios' creation, Seira Watanabe, spent the day with this unique interpretation of Godzilla, doing typical events for a date including a walk on the beach, shopping, and sharing a meal with one another. While this Godzilla isn't exactly the same size as the giant monster that has stomped his way into our hearts, it still made for a hilarious video that has earned its place as "viral". The video clip aired on the Japanese Variety Show, Knight Scoop, fulfilling the young girl's dream at spending the day with Godzilla, months before he is set to land in North America once again.

Godzilla Vs Kong is set to make landfall next year, having been delayed a number of times thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, leaving fans plenty of time to debate who will come home the victor when the giant lizard is battling against the current ruler of Skull Island. Though we don't know for certain which other kaiju will make appearances during this long awaited sequel, there have definitely been rumors about certain classic Toho creations making their first appearances under the Legendary Pictures banner that was responsible for last year's hit of Godzilla: King of the Monsters!

Godzilla Heart Viral Date
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

Meanwhile, Godzilla: Singular Point will be an anime series that is currently being produced by a partnership between Studio Bones, the animation house responsible for My Hero Academia, and Studio Orange, which has helped Netflix with the popular series of Beastars. With a steady stream of information being released for this upcoming venture into anime by the kaiju king, there definitely seems to be plenty of giant monster action on the way across a number of mediums!


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