Godzilla vs Kong Composer Shares Their Love of Kaiju and the Film's Score

Godzilla vs Kong may not be hitting theaters until next year, but fans of the kaiju duo are eager to see their big crossover. After all, the MonsterVerse has been working for years to build up this movie, and Godzilla vs Kong promises to deliver epic action to fans. And thanks to a new interview, we know the film will have an epic soundtrack thanks to Tom Holkenborg.

The composer, who also goes by Junkie XL, has been hard at work on Godzilla vs Kong for a while now. He did a recent interview with Forbes where he spoke about his affection for the film, and it turns out Holkenborg is a huge fan of Godzilla.

"I'm such a Godzilla freak. I have all the Japanese versions of the movies. At a certain point, just for sh-ts and giggles, I wrote something for Godzilla. About two years ago, I met the director because he showed interest in me as a composer. I asked him, 'Do you know I'm the biggest Godzilla fan on the planet, and, years ago, I wrote some stuff.' He was like, 'You're kidding me?' So we started communicating, I tweaked what I did, played it for him, and he was totally in love," the composer shared.

Godzilla Kong Kaiju IRL Foe
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

Obviously, Holkenborg takes his Godzilla fandom very seriously, and we cannot blame him. Godzilla is one of the most enduring icons in entertainment, and he has revolutionized the monster movie genre time and again. His recent stint with the MonsterVerse has helped renew interest in the kaiju while introducing him to younger fans. And when Godzilla vs Kong finally debuts on the big screen, Holkenborg says its score will be truly epic.

"On Godzilla vs Kong, I said, 'I think I need the biggest bass drum on the planet for this score. I know the guy who can build it. What do you think?'," the composer shared.


As it turns out, Holkenborg was not kidding. The man wanted an eight-to-ten foot bass drum in diameter. This kind of instrument turned out to be impossible to make, but the film's team got its hand on the biggest bass drum possible. The composer was able to use that instrument to make an all-out soundtrack, and fans will be able to hear it when Godzilla vs Kong debuts next year.

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