Godzilla vs Kong Director Explains How It Will Avoid a MonsterVerse Pitfall

Godzilla vs Kong plans to bring together two legends when it goes live next month. The MonsterVerse sequel will pit Godzilla against King Kong in an all-out battle with the fate of mankind stuck in the middle. As you can imagine, fans of the kaiju are eager to learn how this sequel will expand their respective stories. And thanks to a new interview, the director of Godzilla vs Kong promises to avoid one pitfall found in the franchise to date.

Recently, Adam Wingard gave fans an in-depth look at Godzilla vs Kong when info from a set visit went live. ComicBook has a round-up of our time on set here, and Wingard also spoke to Collider on set. It was there the director said he plans to streamline cut-aways to the MonsterVerse's human characters, and he can do so because of Kong.

Godzilla Vs Kong Director
(Photo: Legendary Pictures)

"I mean, for me, that was one of the most important things going into this film was treating Godzilla and King Kong like actual characters, that they're not just these big props that are kind of in the background, or, you know, they're just big monsters," Wingard said.

"I'm able now to use ... Kong for instance, as almost like a human conduit, like we can actually cut to Kong in this movie without having to cut back to the human characters for relatively large chunks of the film because we can experience things through him," he continued. "He's emotive and all these kinds of things like his eyes and the way he experiences things is relatable, and so it allows us to be able to just treat him just like any other character, and the humans are always going to back that up."


Clearly, it looks like Godzilla vs Kong is going to put a bright light on its monsters, and rightly so. The MonsterVerse's most common critique comes with its overburdened cast when the kaiju should come first. Hopefully, Wingard's vision will address the issue, so here's to hoping all goes well with the blockbuster's launch in March.

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