New Godzilla Vs Kong Spot Makes Classic King Kong Reference

Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to finally arrive later this month, featuring the Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse" introducing its biggest battle to date, and in a new television spot, we see that the upcoming blockbuster is making some clever references to the first time that these two popular giant monsters met. With the trailer and marketing material placing Kong in a more heroic role, forming a bond with a young girl and battling against a rampaging king of the monsters who has apparently been attacking humanity following receiving the crown in the previous entry of Godzilla: King of the Monsters.

The first time Godzilla and Kong met was decades prior to the battle that we are about to witness later this month, with King Kong Vs Godzilla being released in 1962. In the movie, Godzilla is awakened from a block of ice, with Kong being brought to Japan using a number of balloons to transport the ruler of Skull Island directly in the path of the lizard king. Created by Toho Studios, the film sought to even the playing field by giving Kong an upgrade from his original appearance, granting the giant ape the ability to boost his power by absorbing electricity, though it's unclear whether or not this power will make its way to the Legendary Pictures' version of the beast.

Twitter User Mr. Beastie 87 shared this nice Easter Egg that sees the current incarnation of King Kong being transported using a series of balloons, which is clearly a nod to the original confrontation that brought the two kaiju together for the first time:

The Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse" has not revealed any new films in the works following the big battle between the giant ape and giant lizard of the franchise, but it will definitely be interesting to see if a new king of the monsters will be crowned. With the director, Adam Wingard, going on record that Kong will be taking on a more heroic role during the film, it has left fans wondering if the larger-than-life primate is shoo-in to win his war against Godzilla.


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