Godzilla vs Kong Director Teases the Arrival of Some New Kaiju

Godzilla vs Kong is just weeks out from this point, and fans are ready to see what its monsters are hiding. The film promises to bring Godzilla and Kong together in an epic battle for supremacy, but some other monsters might join in. After all, it seems Mechagodzilla will show up in this feature, and a new interview with director Adam Wingard promises there are even more monsters to come.

Recently, Wingard spoke with Total Film about his latest movie, and the filmmaker admitted there is some insane action packed into Godzilla vs Kong. The movie will feature the titular kaiju, of course, but there will also be other beasts who appear.

"We've got all kinds of really great monsters in this, some brand-new ones," Wingard promised. "There's tonnes of surprises, and, you know, plenty of stuff for people to obsess over. And hopefully some really good toys will come out at the mall!"

Clearly, Wingard is eager to explore more of the MonsterVerse where he can, so some original monsters may pop up out of nowhere in this flick. Such a plan would make sense given all of the kaiju that appeared in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. There is no telling whether any of those beasts will appear in this sequel, but fans of the MonsterVerse would welcome it with open arms.

But when it comes to the main fight, Wingard has made it clear Godzilla and Kong will duke it out until there is a clear winner.

"I felt like I would have walked away from the movie at any point if I was pushed in a corner where there wasn't going to be a definitive winner to it. Part of the reason I wanted to direct this film in the first place is because I wanted to win an argument that I had with my friend back in second grade where we were arguing who would win in a fight: Godzilla or King Kong? I knew who I thought should win, 100 percent."

Fans will learn who the winner between the two is before long. Godzilla vs Kong will debut in the United States on March 31 both in theaters and on HBO Max.


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