Rick and Morty Tackles Godzilla vs. Kong in New Promo

Rick and Morty is known for a lot of things, and fans of Adult Swim have come to expect all the works from the animated comedy. From its raunchy humor to its celebrity guests, Rick and Morty sweetened the pot for audiences when its team began creating shorts for the series. These blips have tackled everything from anime to gaming and beyond. So now, it is only right for Rick and Morty to crossover with Godzilla vs Kong in the year 2021.

The fifth season of the Adult Swim series has been a hit among Adult Swim fans so far, exploring the bizarre premises of Rick's rival Mr. Nimbus hitting the scene and countless replicas of the Smith family murdering one another to determine which clan is the real Smiths. With several more episodes lying in wait for season five, poking fun at properties such as Hellraiser, Voltron, and Captain Planet to name a few, it's definitely no surprise to see that Rick And Morty are making light of the latest colossal battle between the king of the monsters and the ruler of Skull Island.

Godzilla Vs Kong Rick And Morty
(Photo: Adult Swim & Legendary)

The future of the MonsterVerse is uncertain at this point, with rumors swirling that the franchise might return with director Adam Wingard helming a new project under the running title of Son of Kong. With Godzilla Vs. Kong ending with the lizard king defeating the giant primate in battle and the two setting aside their differences to battle against the metallic doppelganger known as Mechagodzilla, it's clear that there would be a perfect opportunity for the hairy kaiju to return with a new generation in tow.

While Rick And Morty have yet to officially take on the combined terror of Godzilla and Kong in their series, this latest claymation video does a hilarious job of showing how the battle would have taken place if the Adult Swim stars had fused with the most popular giant monsters the world has ever seen. We don't know if the Smith family will be making fun of the MonsterVerse during this latest season, but this latest video certainly acts as a major crossover between the franchises.


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