What if Godzilla vs. Kong 2 Doesn't Actually Have Godzilla?

The sequel film for Godzilla Vs. Kong has been confirmed, with the director of the first film, Adam Wingard, being confirmed to return for this new adventure within the MonsterVerse, as well as actor Dan Stevens being cast as the leading man. With Adam Wingard's return rumored earlier last year, another rumor, specifically the rumored title of the movie, has us believing that its possible that the lizard king might not be making a comeback. Will the sequel be titled "Son of Kong" after all?   

Quickly following last year's release of the Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse crossover, The Hollywood Reporter released the rumor that not only was Wingard set to return to this world of Kaiju, but also that the next movie might be titled "Son of Kong" rather than Godzilla Vs. Kong Part 2. This could potentially mean that a new generation of giant monsters will be introduced and see new iterations of both Kong and the lizard king hitting the scene. Certainly, with there being plenty of beasts that have yet to be adapted into the MonsterVerse from the Toho universe, from which they were originally spawned, the playing field might change where it's possible that Godzilla and even Kong might not appear.

This wouldn't mean that we would never see Legendary's take on the king of the monsters again, as Apple TV+ is currently working on a television series that is set to expand on the MonsterVerse and presumably would have plenty of screen time for Godzilla to rampage his way around the world. While details about this upcoming series are few and far between, recent rumors surrounding the series see Wyatt Russell, aka US Agent from Falcon And The Winter Soldier, potentially being scouted for the leading role.

This wouldn't be the first time that we've been introduced to the offspring of the ruler of Skull Island, with 1933's Son of Kong introducing a twelve-foot version of the massive ape that fought alongside humans for most of the movie. Of course, in this follow-up to the original King Kong, Godzilla was nowhere to be seen as it predated the lizard king by a number of decades. 

Needless to say, it's of course a very real possibility that Godzilla returns, though the MonsterVerse might also be looking to deliver kaiju fans a curveball. 

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