Godzilla vs. Kong Introduces an Important Kaiju Theory

Godzilla Vs. Kong answered more than a few questions for kaiju fans since the blockbuster film landed streaming on HBO Max and in theaters, but one of the biggest was definitely the "Hollow Earth theory" which introduced the birthplace of the giant monsters and added in another big revelation. With the latest entry into the MonsterVerse of Legendary Pictures giving us a victor when it comes to the brawl between the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island, there were definitely plenty of Easter Eggs to study thanks to the story directed by creator Adam Wingard.

Warning. If you have yet to watch Godzilla Vs. Kong, keep in mind that this article is going to go into some serious spoiler territory so you have been warned.

The "Hollow Earth Theory" in the MonsterVerse was introduced as an idea that all of the giant monsters, including Godzilla and Kong, originated from an area inside of the Earth itself and this theory was proved true when the agents of Monarch employed the use of the ruler of Skull Island to find the long lost locale. With Kong leading the way, the Hollow Earth is fully revealed as not only the original location that spawned the giant monsters rampaging around the world, but also still had plenty of monsters that were living inside of the Earth. Kong, and other kaiju, were drawn to the environment, proving that they are still connected to the location, even if they had never been there before.

Godzilla Vs Kong Kaiju Theory
(Photo: Warner Bros Pictures)

Kong immediately discovers that there are plenty of monsters looking to take a pound of flesh from his hide, but he dispatches them quickly in order to discover that his ancestors once ruled the Hollow Earth, even killing monsters similar to Godzilla with an insane battle-ax that Kong adds to his war chest. With the Hollow Earth also mucking around with the Earth's gravity, we get a scene of the giant ape floating above the land in order to discover new secrets about his clan and his own past.

At the very end of the film, we see that Kong has made a new home for himself in the Hollow Earth, finally finding peace after his devastating loss at the hands of Godzilla and his dealing of the killing blow against the mechanical nightmare known as Mechagodzilla. If there are indeed future movies feature Kong in the MonsterVerse, expect the Hollow Earth to continue to play a big role.


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