Godzilla Vs Kong Drops New Still of King Kong

Godzilla Vs. Kong is slated to be released into theaters and streaming on HBO Max at the end of [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong is slated to be released into theaters and streaming on HBO Max at the end of this month, giving kaiju fans the long-awaited battle between the two most popular giant monsters ever introduced to the silver screen, and a new image has landed giving us a better look at the ruler of Skull Island. With Kong clearly taking the role of "hero" in this upcoming brawl, as Godzilla is seemingly attacking humanity for reasons unknown, a lot of focus will be brought to the giant primate who appears to be influenced by a young girl in the upcoming film.

We've seen a lot of Kong so far in the marketing material for what might be the final entry into Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse", with the king of Skull Island being taken from his private island and brought to shore seemingly to fight against a rampaging king of the monsters. With a young girl seemingly having formed a relationship with Kong, as trailers and television spots have shown the two being able to communicate with one another via sign language, it's clear that the giant primate will be far more mellow than Godzilla when they start trading blows with one another.

Godzilla Vs. Kong released a brand new still on Kong, seemingly ready for action as he unleashes a mighty roar in preparation for his battle with the lizard king, with the upcoming film perhaps having even more giant monsters for each of these kaiju to deal with:

King Kong
(Photo: Warner Bros Entertainment)

Kong first appeared in the "Monster-Verse" in his titular film of Kong: Skull Island, which saw a much younger version of the primate fighting against "Skull Crawlers" on his island who had managed to kill the other members of his family. With decades having passed between this original film and Godzilla Vs. Kong, it's clear that King Kong has put on some serious weight and will definitely be a contender for the crown of King of the Monsters against Godzilla.

Though this might be the last live-action Monster-Verse film, fans shouldn't fret as Kong will be making a return via a new anime series on Netflix with the series simply titled "Skull Island". A release date has yet to be revealed for this television show, but it promises big things for the classic ape.

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