Godzilla Vs Kong Unleashes IMAX Poster

Godzilla Vs. Kong has been releasing a torrent of marketing materials in preparation for the giant [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong has been releasing a torrent of marketing materials in preparation for the giant monster battle that threatens to swallow the world in its wake, and a new poster unleashes the intensity of this upcoming brawl that was created exclusively for its IMAX release. Though the movie will more than likely be most watched on the streaming service of HBO Max, thanks of course to the coronavirus pandemic, the film is still slated to be released into theaters on the same day, with a run in IMAX theaters to boot.

Throughout the numerous trailers and television spots that we've seen so far of the next installment of Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse", it definitely seems as if Kong will be taking on the more heroic role in this giant kaiju war, with humanity seemingly needing to rely on the giant ape to stop a rampaging Godzilla. While fans haven't figured out what is currently up Godzilla's "craw" to make him lash out against mankind, many believe that the reasoning is somehow linked with his metallic doppelganger known as Mechagodzilla, who has yet to make an official appearance in any of the footage. With Kong and Godzilla set to have the biggest battle of either of their lives, will the world survive this clash of the titans?

IMAX revealed the new poster for Godzilla Vs. Kong via their Official Twitter Account, showing that the two kaiju are out for blood and ready to give it their all as they charge toward one another in what is easily going to be the biggest crossover of 2021:

Director Adam Wingard has stated that the future of the Monster-Verse is still up in the air while also saying that they have plenty of ideas should it be confirmed past the war between Godzilla and Kong, leading many to wonder if a new king of the monsters will be crowned in this crossover. Though this might be the final giant monster battle for Legendary Pictures, we fully expect both Godzilla and Kong to have a future on the silver screen.

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