Godzilla vs Kong Shows Off Mechagodzilla's Look with Funko Pop

Godzilla vs Kong is slated to go live for fans later this month, and all eyes are on the movie in [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is slated to go live for fans later this month, and all eyes are on the movie in hopes of a blockbuster. So far, dozens of trailers and promos have been released for the feature, but none of them have given a clear look at Mechagodzilla. The original trailer teased his appearance, but Godzilla vs Kong has kept the mechanical beast under wraps in a big way. But now, a new Funko Pop has appeared to give fans a full close-up for Mechagodzilla at long last.

So you have been warned! There are likely spoilers below for Godzilla vs Kong!

Not long ago, the toy fandom began buzzing when a new look surfaced of a certain man-made beast. Godzilla vs Kong has been slowly releasing toys for fans ahead of its debut, and there are more to come once it has released. It turns out one such toy is a Funko Pop of Mechagodzilla, and Sheldonet Toy Store gave a peek of the monster.

As you can see above, this look at Mechagodzilla is in line with those seen before. A peek was shown of the beast earlier this week when Playmates Toys released a look at its toy of the beast. Of course, the briefest of glimpses was shown of Mechagodzilla during the first Godzilla vs Kong trailer. And now, Funko is swinging out with a new still.

It looks like Mechagodzilla is rocking a slimmer body here compared to his original design decades ago. Complete with red eyes, this man-made monster looks deadly with its steel teeth and tempered claws. Clearly, this kind of monster is a threat to all kaiju, and humanity is high up on that list. So if you thought Godzilla was really the baddie of this next movie, well - it seems this mech monster would care to disagree.

Godzilla vs Kong is slated to debut in the United States on March 31. It will debut simultaneously in theaters as well as on HBO Max for a limited time.

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