Godzilla vs Kong to Be Scored by Junkie XL

Godzilla vs Kong will be the next installment of the MonsterVerse on big screens, and it has two huge stars fronting it. King Kong and Godzilla hardly need introductions given their status as icons. The same also goes for the artist who will be scoring Godzilla vs Kong as it was revealed recently that Junkie XL will be doing music for the movie.

The first reports of Junkie XL's involvement went live from Film Music Reporter. It was there a piece reported that Tom Holkenborg was tasked with scoring Godzilla vs Kong. Little details were given on the assignment at the time, but director Adam Wingard was quick to confirm the report. He did so over on social media by posting a picture he presumably took on Junkie XL's home studio.

Looking at the picture, fans can get a nice look at the studio which Junkie XL has been working in during quarantine. The cozy studio is filled with pricey recording equipment, but it is all housed in lightly stained wood. With leather couches bracketing the equipment, this home studio is certainly a nice place to work, and Wingard got to check it out as Junkie XL worked on scoring Godzilla vs Kong.

Of course, there are fans who are sad to know Bear McCreary isn't scoring the MonsterVerse flick like usual, but Junkie XL has a very impressive resume. The musician has become one of the go-to choices for blockbusters needing an epic theme song or soundtrack. In the past, Junkie XL did the score for Mad Max: Fury Road before moving on to other hit films like Alita: Battle Angel, Deadpool, and a few DC Extended Universe flicks like Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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