Godzilla vs Kong Director Opens Up Mechagodzilla Spoilers in New Post

Godzilla vs Kong is just over a week from debuting in the United States, and all eyes are on the [...]

Godzilla vs Kong is just over a week from debuting in the United States, and all eyes are on the monsters ahead of time. The MonsterVerse has set up an epic battle between the titans, and director Adam Wingard promised to do the clash justice. Now, the filmmaker is hyping fans up on Instagram for the movie, and it seems he has lifted the lid off of any Mechagodzilla spoilers.

So, please be warned! There are spoilers below for Godzilla vs Kong, and they come courtesy of Wingard himself.

Over on social media, the director hit up fans with a couple of posts showing off Godzilla vs Kong toys. It seems the filmmaker got a ton of toys to celebrate the movie's upcoming debut, and you can clearly see some of the boxes are labeled as Mechagodzilla. So of course, Wingard got one of the monster's toys out to let the secret fly.

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"The cat's out of the bag," the director tweeted as he posted a photo of himself with a figure of Mechagodzilla. This new look is one of the best fans have gotten of the manmade monster to date. So far, some key art of this figure has been shown to fans, and Funko has also put their Mechagodzilla figure up for pre-order recently. But as you can see above, this Playmates figure is more detailed than anything we have seen before.

Clearly, Godzilla vs Kong will feature this third monster, so fans can expect the MonsterVerse to get a bit more crowded. Godzilla is going to want to fight Mechagodzilla ASAP, so this could explain why the titan is so surly in all of the trailers. And if we know Kong, it is that the giant ape will be glad to rip up Mechagodzilla if he finds a way off Skull Island!

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