New Godzilla Vs Kong Still Appears to Show King in the Hollow Earth

Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to land in a few weeks in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and it [...]

Godzilla Vs. Kong is set to land in a few weeks in both theaters and streaming on HBO Max, and it seems as if the kaiju-universe is dropping more looks into the upcoming titanic crossover via new images, which also appear to give us a glimpse into the Hollow Earth. With the next film in Legendary Pictures' "Monster-Verse" potentially being it's last, fans are anxious to see who will come out the winner and how the world will change once the current king of the monsters throws hands against the ruler of Skull Island in the highly anticipated brawl to end it all.

The "Hollow Earth" theory was first presented in the film, Kong: Skull Island, with it being laid out that the giant monsters that are threatening the world in the "Monster-Verse" emerged from inside of the Earth, with humanity playing a role in the kaiju coming to the surface via modern technology. Though the Hollow Earth hasn't been confirmed to play a big role in the upcoming crossover, it seems as if this latest image from the movie might give us a better idea of what the landscape that brought so many giant monsters to the surface looks like.

Bloody Disgusting shared the new image that features Kong standing atop an alien-like environment, which might just turn out to be the Hollow Earth, as fans have noted that they've seen the larger-than-life primate trouncing across the landscape in other brief scenes featured in the trailers for Godzilla Vs Kong:

Godzilla Kong Hollow Earth
(Photo: Warner Bros Entertainment )

Director Adam Wingard has given several quotes with regards to his upcoming film, detailing how Kong will be taking on a more "heroic" role against the rampaging Godzilla. Though we have seen the lizard king and the giant ape battling in both Japan and the sea, we have yet to see if that brawl will take place in the Hollow Earth that might have been the birthplace of so many kaiju.

The future of Legendary's "Monster-Verse" is uncertain, with films for either Kong or Godzilla having yet to be revealed following Godzilla Vs. Kong, though that isn't stopping the two kaiju from appearing in other places. Netflix is currently working on anime series for the two in Godzilla: Singular Point and Skull Island respectively, promising more giant monster battles in the future.

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Via Bloody Disgusting