Godzilla vs. Kong Cliffhanger Reveals the Titans' New Bond

Massive spoilers for Godzilla vs. Kong as the cliffhanger reveals the new bond between the titular Titans! The MonsterVerse has been building to a climax through the first three films of the universe as the pieces had been put in place for an ultimate fight between the two titular Titans. With Godzilla vs. Kong finally putting them in one another's path, in was only a matter of time before a hierarchy would be established between the two. While the major draw of this film was the fight between the two, the bigger draw actually ended up being a promise for the future.

Because while Godzilla and Kong do actually get into several fights with one another (and a decisive winner is cemented by the end of it all), the final fight of the film actually takes a different turn as the two Titans end up fighting alongside one another to defeat a stronger common enemy. Following this, the cliffhanger to the film shows that the two of them now have a mutual respect for one another.

Godzilla vs Kong Poster China
(Photo: Legendary)

The final fight of the film comes after Godzilla definitively defeats Kong. Turning its attention to the robotic threat of Mechagodzilla that it had been chasing since the beginning of the film, even Godzilla is having trouble against this new threat as it's been weakened through the fight against Kong. After Kong rejoins the fight and begins to help Godzilla, the two of them are able to use their combined strength to defeat Mechagodzilla.

With the fight over, Godzilla and Kong turn their attention to one another once more. But when Kong decides to drop his axe as a sign that he does not want to fight anymore, Godzilla acknowledges this as the two of them are go their separate ways. With Godzilla remaining on the surface, and Kong venturing deeper into the Hollow Earth, now the two of them are just going to co-exist in their different realms. It's an unspoken agreement that allows both Titans to move forward with more films should that be something Legendary is interested in.


But what did you think of Godzilla vs. Kong's ending? Do you think it was a tease for the potential future of the MonsterVerse? How do you feel about their co-existence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!