Godzilla x Kong Tops Kung Fu Panda as the Year's Second Top-Grossing Film

Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is expected to gross $500-600 million globally.

The MonsterVerse is the cinematic universe we never saw coming. Over the years, the series has built up a collection of hits, but its last two blockbusters have gone beyond in terms of profit. Not only did Godzilla vs Kong help save the global box office amid the pandemic, but now Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire is batting hot. After all, the movie has more markets to enter, and its most recent box office total crowned it the second top-grossing movie of 2024.

The update comes as Godzilla x Kong nears its first full month in theaters. To date, the epic MonsterVerse movie has earned $485.2 million USD globally. This number officially thrust the monster movie ahead of Kung Fu Panda 4. The animated film went live on March 8th, and it has grossed $480.3 million to date. As for the year's top film, well – that remains Dune: Part 2. The epic sequel is nearing $700 million at the global box office, so the sci-fi series is doing fine for itself.

Of course, Godzilla x Kong fans are plenty, so you can see why money is rolling in for the MonsterVerse. The film, which had a budget under $150 million, has put the series in a good place. Director Adam Wingard won over fans with an action-packed sequel to Godzilla vs Kong that gave Kong an overdue journey of self-discovery. And now, netizens are eager for more.

So far, we have no word on what the MonsterVerse will do next in theaters. Not long ago, Apple TV+ shared it is continuing its role in the MonsterVerse with Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season two. The streaming service has also announced it is looking into other story pitches for future spin offs. As for theaters, Wingard has signaled his interest in seeing out a MonsterVerse trilogy. After all, Kong got his big moment in the sun with Godzilla x Kong, and Wingard wants to give Godzilla that same emotional runaround.

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