Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Goes Viral Thanks to Its LGBTQ Romance

Mobile Suit Gundam is back with a new TV series, and to little surprise, it is a banger. The franchise teased the release of The Witch From Mercury earlier this year with a prologue, and the show's premiere is now live. It's no surprise fans were quick to pick up the series, and now, the Internet is buzzing as Gundam just introduced its first lesbian couple.

The whole thing went live in episode one as fans met with Suletta, and the heroine finds herself taken by another woman named Miorine. It becomes clear the latter is involved in a toxic relationship with her partner Guel, and Miorine ends up challenging Guel to a duel for Suletta's freedom. However, the plan backfires as Miorine admits she is tired of others trampling upon her.

Still, the fight works in Suletta's favor. The win manages to free Miorine from Guel, but there is another part to this deal the newly single heroine learns once the battle closes. Suletta's win means she has won Miorine's hand in marriage regardless of their gender.

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"I guess Mercury is rather conservative," she tells Miorine. "That sort of thing is commonplace here. Nice to meet you, my groom."


This revelation is made easily, and Gundam does not play it for gags. It is refreshing to see this sort of progress in a title as old as Gundam, and for many anime lovers, this premiere has reminded them of a classic LGBTQ anime. Episode one has Revolutionary Utena vibes, and that is high praise to say for any series. And as The Witch From Mercury continues, fans will learn more about Miorine and Suletta with each episode. 

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