He-Man & The Masters of the Universe Creators Discuss Giving A New Generation "Their He-Man"

Not to be mistaken with Masters of the Universe: Revelation, Netflix is returning to the world of Eternia with a brand new take on the lore of He-Man and his fellow masters with the upcoming series, He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe. We here at Comicbook.com recently had the opportunity to talk with Showrunner Rob David and Co-Executive Producer Jeff Matsuda about this new CG animated series that is much more skewed toward a younger audience and is looking to introduce the newest generation to a warrior of Castle Grayskull of their very own.

Rob David started the discussion by tapping into what makes Masters of the Universe a story that stands the test of time, and why he felt it was time for the franchise to receive a new coat of paint:

"Masters of the Universe is just one of those stories, I'm not going to call it a brand, it's a living breathing story. It's a special story in that it has the potential to speak to multiple generations at once. What we did with this is that we had the opportunity to re-imagine the Masters of the Universe for this next generation of kids and for those like us that are kids at heart."

(Photo: Netflix)

Extrapolating on this point, David broke down the idea of giving a new generation their own version of the franchise to call their own, while remaining true to the core tenants of Masters of the Universe:

"We wanted to give this next generation their He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. We wanted to distill what makes the original great at its core, and then look for a way to recontextualize it for kids today. At its heart, it's pure MOTU but it's told with new instrumentation."

Jeff Matsuda, the show's co-executive producer who helped design these new characters and has a background with energetic re-imaginings such as The Batman animated series and TMNT, confirmed that it was exciting to rework the original story for a new audience:

"It's exciting for the new generation to have something for themselves."

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