High School DxD Light Novels Coming to the U.S.

Yen Press will finally be bringing High School DxD's original light novels to the United States later this year! Although fans are most likely fully aware of Ichiei Ishibumi and Miyama-Zero's famous/infamous light novel series, they are most likely more acquainted with the four seasons of the anime adaptation that have sprung from it. There is actually far more to the original story of the series than seen in the anime with 25 light novels (and even the start of a sequel series) now currently on shelves in Japan. But not to worry, there's soon going to be a way to get your fix!

Yen Press has announced via press release that they will be bringing High School DxD's line of light novels to the United States. This will kick off with the first volume releasing this October, and will be available for purchase in both digital and print editions. Unfortunately there isn't other information about future potential releases, but now fans can rest easy knowing they'll be able to dig into this massive franchise!

Yen Press describes High School DxD Volume 1 as such, "Most of Issei Hyoudou's perverted life has been filled with dreams about having a harem, so it's not a great sign when one of his dates ends with his murder! He's fortunate enough to be revived by a beautiful girl, but his luck ends after he discovers his school is filled to the brim with deadly angels and demons!"

High School DxD returned to screens a couple of years ago with a fourth season of the anime that completely retooled the franchise. This season was not only produced with a new studio, but featured new character designs and even a retcon to the events of the previous season. There have yet to be any announcements for a potential fifth season, unfortunately, but there is plenty of content to adapt should the anime ever return.

Will you be breaking into High School DxD's original light novel series? Are you excited to see what the differences are between it and the anime adaptation? Would you watch a fifth season of the anime if it ever happens? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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