Hiroshi Otake, Hunter x Hunter Star, Dies at 90

Hiroshi Otake, the voice of Zeno Zoldyck in Hunter x Hunter along with a number of other major characters in anime franchises, has passed at the age of 90. With the production company that worked with the prolific voice actor confirming his passing, fans of the anime world are sharing their condolences and sharing memories from the long career of a major name within the medium of anime.

The production company that worked with Otake, 81 Produce, had this to say when it came to the passing of the voice actor, noting that the cause of death was "acute heart failure" in a message to the world:

"Our actor Hiroshi Otake passed away on August 1, 2022, due to acute heart failure at the age of 90. In addition, regarding the funeral ceremony, it was completed without delay by only relatives on August 8. I would like to ask for your understanding. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you for your kindness during my lifetime."

Aside from the role of Zeno, Otake also was a part of such anime franchises as Cyborg 009, Mazinger Z, Dr. Slump, and Perman to name a few. Perhaps you might know Otake the most for his role as Ash Ketchum's Mankey in the Pokemon anime as well. In 2015, he was honored at the 9th Annual Seiyuu Awards with a lifetime achievement for his work within the medium of anime. Otake had taken a brief hiatus from the world of anime in 1991, though would return shortly after in 1995 to help in bringing some of his biggest roles to life. 

Hunter x Hunter is set to return to the pages of its manga, though an anime adaptation comeback has yet to be revealed to follow suit. Needless to say, Hiroshi Otake would be sorely missed with his role as one of the most powerful Nen users that don't happen to fall within the umbrella of Gon and his friends. 

Our thoughts and condolences are with the loved ones of Hiroshi Otake during this difficult time. 

Via Oricon