Humble Bundle Debuts Killer Hiro Mashima Deal

Hiro Mashima is one of Japan's top artists these days, and it seems Humble Bundle is making it easier than ever to check out his projects. Over his career, Mashima has made a name for himself thanks to series like Rave Master and Fairy Tail. So if you want to read those titles while spending money on a good cause, this new Humble Bundle deal is for you.

Recently, the charitable website put up another deal focusing on Mashima's work. Fans can now buy various volumes for Mashima's series for charity, and their budget will give them access to different tiers of manga.

According to the Humble Bundle, a single dollar will get you access to a special RightStufAnime coupon for Fairy Tail's first box set. However, it will also let you try the first volumes of Edens Zero, Monster Soul, and Fairy Tail S which is a side story fans know well.

If you are willing to pay $8, then you get all of the tier one options as well as the first twenty volumes of Fairy Tail. This is joined by Fairy Tail Zero, a series documenting the event which lead to Fairy Tail's guild being created. Finally, the second volume of Fairy Tail S, Edens Zero, and Monster Soul will be offered.

For those willing to spend $10 on the bundle, you will get even more Fairy Tail as volumes 1-45 will become yours, and that will come with Hiro Mashima's Playground to boot. The next tier at $15 will give fans access to Rave Master volumes 1-20 and an additional three volumes of Edens Zero. This deal can be sweetened with a $18 pledge which unlocks Rave Master volumes 21-35 and an additional 17 volumes of Fairy Tail.

And the last tier? Well, you can pay $20 to get the latest chapters of Edens Zero digitally which are not even collected into a volume at this point! Talk about early access, okay?

Currently, this deal is set up to support the ACLU and Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. It will be available for purchase for 17 more days, so fans better get on the bundle before it fades away.


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